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Because the Federation doesn’t condone serious genetic engineering because of the Eugenics Wars, the historic background of Rhodora doesn’t fit within the framework for a human world.

Most of the man powers in the Star Trek universe are technologically progressive and probably wouldn’t build such a backwards unproductive penal colony that could develop towards more danced technology.

Instead Rhodora suits more into a possibility for a minor race, quite possible a member of the Federation who established the colony centuries before hand and abandoned it due to a regional conflict. While the home world has since joined the Federation, Rhodora as a non-warp colony with a now unique cultural heritage and genetically distinct residents would not be a member of the Federation, but still subject to friendly and open limited trade fronted by members of the founding race.

It could be an intriguing world over which interstellar rivalries could be played out, particularly if the founding race’s original enemy has joined another empire other than the Federation. Could a battleground for the classic kind of contest like Klingon vs Federation or Romulan vs Federation as seen in the original TV series.

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