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Ironside was originally written as a RICE paper for use in the Traveller roleplaying game back in 2007, and in fact was meant to be part of the extension to the Meshan Sector work we were doing for HIWG for TNE, and our later commercial licence for Meshan Sector Classic products.

For technical reasons, we never got the products to market in their Traveller form. But today we’ve gotten them out in a generic form, and those people who want to use them for Traveller are welcome to do so.

It’s original 1110, 115 & 1120 stats were: Ironside 2418 D78A438-5 Ni Wa 824 F6D M7D. In 1110 it was a Non aligned world, and in 1120 it was part of the state with a V5 code, which you can do some digging about. It returned to being a Non-aligned world by 1200 but its population code had dropped to 3.

The colonials mentioned as mixing with those of Terran (Solomani) descent are Vilani.

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