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Boy has Jean-Claude van Damme aged lately. UFO (also known as Alien Uprising) is the first movie I’ve seen of his since the 90s, and frankly I was a little shocked to see how he had aged. A movie where he gets beaten up by a chick is okay, especially when its the gorgeous Bianca Bree (Van Damme’s real life daughter). But I must admit, Maya Grant, the blond in the movie I found more appealing.

UFO is the first movie where I’ve seen van Damme atomised by aliens and is roughly in the middle of the cast of characters to die..

I don’t rate this movie highly at all, and its likely to make its way onto Trademe. My mate Tim who also used to be a van Damme fan found the movie a bit of a snore fest.

From a gaming perspective the movie offers up a very minor plot you can use. Aliens come to earth and effectively EMP the electric grid, cell towers etc (lets ignore the plot gap of the movie where cars still work, cellphone still power on etc) at strategic areas across the globe. No announcements are made, leaving people in the dark in other cities and towns, not understanding what is going on.

Eventually the alien motherships move on to other cities and basically wait until the military attack, at which point they go around killing opposition and atomising enough civilians around the place. Part of the wait was to allow humans to use the technology they acquired during a UFO crash to communicate and coordinate the military. Such alien radio sources are then triangulated and attacked - helping to crush resistance.

During all the carnage you have aliens who look like humans already infiltrated in human society experience the events alongside their human counterparts. Anyone who figures out how to identify them by strange marks on their skin is eliminated by embedded agents, death machines or other means.

At a strategic moment other alien vessels lock the invaders in deadly combat, eliminating the bad guys.

When TV broadcasts and the electric grid come back on, key people around the world have taken over the positions of slain politicians, media and military. Military strike teams (composed of clones of the alien infiltrators) will mop up any remaining witnesses to who they are.

For gamers trying to survive such an event will be of primary concern. If they are lucky enough to survive the invasion, and survive witnessing the alien infiltrators, can they continue to survive once the government starts hunting them? Can they expose the aliens for who they are? Can they win the day and force the invaders to leave?

Obviously taking the plot of this bad move and taking it in a new direction could be fun. It could be a good mash up with similar themed movies.

In theory this plot idea can even work during the FSpace era, whether on Earth or on distant colony world. Obviously the technology differential between humans and aliens needs to be taken into account compared with the way the movie UFO portrays the difference, but its something that can be worked with by using your imagination. The good thing with the plot of the movie is that it deals with a group of civvies and ex-military out in a satellite city, with little armaments or advanced resources. keeping it at a very personal scale, with little understanding of the major events going on elsewhere. Players may never know.. and like the movie, you might even take the opportunity to get all the players killed, hopefully in some more meaningful way than the movie, so some evidence is left for more capable people to take further, etc.. Maybe they get remembered as heroes of the resistance.

Have a go and see what you think. If you want to see the movie, it might be cheaper to rent it than buy the Blu ray. But for die hard fans of van Damme, Bianca Bree or just a budget UK based sci fi, then by all means buy it.

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