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The 25th Reich was supposed to be a nod to B movie making, and while cinematically it does a good job, and the acting and effects is about right for a modern B movie, it misses the mark of emulating the post-WWII style B-movie in terms of special effects and composition.

The fact the effects for the flying saucers is lead by the guy who tried to get Barrier TV off the ground (pod racing in space), it is shame he is associated with this cringe worthy movie effort.

While the plot is interesting, the movie deteriorates down to the point of a red neck gay rape scene, which makes me want to rate this as not worth owning, let alone watching. I’ve put it for sale on Trademe. Parents, this movie is not for children.

The sexual tone of the movie is not in keeping with the period of B movies, and frankly turns me off as a Scifi fan. Next time they do something like this, it needs more explicit ratings, or at least package commentary. I’m not against people with their gender or sexual preferences, and I expect the gay/lesbian/trans community wouldn’t be pleased with this rather sick portrayal done by some either critical or repressed people.

Excluding this rather infantile part of the movie, the plot itself is easy to follow. US troops during World War 2 go back in time to investigate a crashed UFO in Australia at a time when it was still operational, rather than a recovered wreck. Within their midst is a NAZI spy who steals the UFO, takes off with it and it is used to allow a NAZI regime to conquer the world (including Australia) and build a flying saucer fleet that they send off to battle the gods - the Annunaki of Babylonian UFO mythology. The movie ends at that point.

From a roleplaying perspective its a simple plot. An overland journey while bickering amongst each other (something role-players are good at). They travel back in time and wind up battling the odd strange creature. A red neck psycho in their midst kills those of foreign extraction he doesn’t like, and eventually the group make it to the UFO at which point the traitor plays his hand (including wrecking the time machine) and steals the UFO.

The players have to retreat, repair the time machine, and make it back to their own time, finding the timeline changed and must battle mechanical spiders. The psycho converts to the opposition because of his anti-ethnic feelings, and the team must battle the enemy, come out alive, spy on the enemy base and the assembled flying saucers, and try and steal one for themselves.

From there the plot can go any which way.

For FSpaceRPG, this is probably not a good fit, but our Lynks campaign option and the multi-parallel stack concept could lend itself to this. Imagine the time machine is real, but is traveling in time to a parallel universe, and in it events run very differently. Imagine a timeline where the Forerunners crash a UFO and were not in a position to recover it. Imagine it is captured, reverse engineered, and the NAZIs depart to try and conquer the universe. All quite believable from a certain perspective.

Of course the FSpace future history plays out very differently, especially since it makes the human breakout earlier than expected, and the role of the Aratani is probably not as strong as the main universe stream - maybe they were never rescued as a people, never aided the Forerunners in the defence of Earth and tempering alien influences.

How would the Stotatl and Coalition react to the NAZIs? Would the NAZIs make it to the Aronhi home world before they developed interstellar capabilities? Could the NAZIs conquer the Forerunners? And could the NAZIs even win a conflict with the Mechs? - especially given the Mech ship arriving in the mid 21st century and the later battle fleet headed Earth’s way, which in the mainstream timeline the Aratani sacrifice most of their fleet to stop from getting to Earth before Terrans developed hyperdrive normally.

So 25th Reich and other movies of the alternative future histories of the NAZIs and events on Earth could provide an intriguing roleplaying environment, particularly if the USA is operating as the lower technology underdog in such a timeline. I’ll let GMs decide how to run such an interesting timeline crossover.

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